Blinded By The Light: Current Highlight Collection + Declutter

Blinded By The Light: Current Highlight Collection + Declutter

Hey Beauty Fam! Hope you all had a great weekend ❤

Today I thought it would be fun to go through my highlight collection and attempt to declutter it. I want to get rid of at least 1 highlighter. However, this will be difficult because I’m a highlight junkie and have attachment issues to my makeup. I find myself never being able to declutter. I am trying to get better with it, so I thought I would take you on this journey with me.

1. Jeffree Star Skin Frost Highlighter In Eclipse IMG_20170507_194353This is my newest highlighter. When I first got it I wasn’t too sure about it. It has a very unique formula that I am not used to. I thought it was glittery, patchy, and had a ton of fallout. But then I realized you need to use a light hand with the swatches and applying it to the face. Once I used a light hand, it is the most beautiful peachy blinding highlight. It has become one of my favourites. Definitely not decluttering this one!

2. Ofra Cosmetics Highlighter In Rodeo Drive IMG_20170425_161405I got this highlighter in April’s Boxycharm. It is amazing! It is so smooth and feels like butter. It is so finely milled that it doesn’t emphasize texture and almost looks wet on the face. It is blinding, but in the most beautiful way! This is another one of my favourites and I’m not going to declutter it.

3. Wet N Wild Coloricon Bronzer In Reserve Your Cabana IMG_20170507_195007This is actually a bronzer, but it is light enough to be a highlighter. I bought this based off of Kathleen Light’s recommendations. I really wanted this to work for me, but my skin tone is pretty much identical to it. It doesn’t have much of a glow to it either. For skin tones deeper than mine, it would work amazingly as an all-over the face brightener. Therefore, as much as I wanted it to work, I will be decluttering it.

4. Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder In DayglowIMG_20170507_194549This was another highlighter that I wasn’t too sure about at first. I was kind of turned off by the hard texture of it. However, after putting it on the face a few times I fell in love. It gives the skin a gorgeous golden glow without emphasizing any texture on the face. It isn’t blinding, but it gives the face a “glow within” look to it. This is another highlighter that I won’t be decluttering.

5. Wet N Wild Megaglo Illuminating PaletteIMG_20170507_194633I honestly have no idea why I have’t got rid of this yet. It barely shows up on the skin and it is super rough and glittery. I can’t even use the darker shades as eyeshadow because it doesn’t stick to the face or eyelids because it is so patchy and glittery. As you can see by the swatch it doesn’t show up very well at all. This was an 8 swipe swatch. This is the second highlight that I will be decluttering.

6. Vintage By Jessica Liebeskind Illuminating Face Palette In Rose Quartz and Chocolate DiamondIMG_20170508_121201This palette was included in one of my Boxycharm boxes. These highlighters are beautiful! They give you the most beautiful natural summer glow. I’ve got so many compliments every time I wear these highlighters. They don’t emphasize any texture and are silky-soft to the touch. I will definitely be keeping this one in my collection.

7. Pixi By Petra Highlight/ Blush Duo (Got it in my Ipsy bag one time)IMG_20170507_194824This highlighter is another beautiful one, but I honestly don’t reach for it very often. It gives you the most beautiful natural glow, and is very smooth and silky. I never use the blush side because it is too shimmery for my liking. I think I am going to go ahead and declutter this one because I have other highlighters that I love way more.

8. Essence Pure Nude HighlighterIMG_20170507_194907This highlighter is another one of my favourites. I wear this on an every-day makeup basis. It gives me the most amazing natural glow. It gives you that “glow from within” look. The best part is the fact that it is the most affordable highlighter in my collection. This is another one that I will not declutter.

9. Physician’s Formula Shimmer StripsIMG_20170507_195047I love this highlighter! It feels like silk, and it glides on the skin effortlessly. I either mix together the top left 4 or the top right 4 depending on what type of look I am going for. It isn’t a blinding highlight but it gives you more than just a natural glow. I am definitely keeping this one too!

I actually surprised myself and I was able to get rid of 3 highlighters! I am really happy with my highlighter collection, and I am glad that I was able to get rid of the ones that I never reach for! I hope you all enjoyed coming on this highlighter declutter with me!

Thank you so much for reading, Until next time,

-xo. Elizabeth


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