Jeffree Star Cosmetics & Manny MUA Collaboration: Is it worth the hype?

Jeffree Star Cosmetics & Manny MUA Collaboration: Is it worth the hype?

Hey beauty Fam!

I managed to get my hands on the new Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Manny MUA Collaboration and decided to give you all an in depth review to see if it is worth the hype! With two of my favourite Youtubers being Manny and Jeffree, I knew I had to get it. I also have never tried the brand, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity!

Getting hold of this bundle was quite tricky. I logged on at 2 minutes before the release time (10am PST, 1pm EST). I managed to get it in my cart right at the release time, but I still had to wait in line for 15 minutes! Very shortly after the bundle was sold out! Afterwards, all 3 components were sold separately until they were sold out too. The bundle is scheduled to come back sometime in May, so I thought I would test the products out and give you my thoughts before hand.

2017-04-24_15.57.54The bundle retails for $50, which allows you the opportunity to test out some Jeffree Star products for a cheaper price. If you buy each item individually it costs $65. Here is what the bundle includes (prices that are shown in this list are the original price of the individual item):

  1. Skin Frost In Eclipse: $29 peachy highlighter
  2. Velour Liquid Lipstick In “Daddy”: $18 a cool toned brown
  3. Velour Liquid Lipstick In “I’m Shook”: $18 a burnt coralIMG_20170424_003111The bundle came in the most beautiful holographic vault. The packaging is very sturdy, which allowed the product to get here without damage. The skin frost came in a matte black compact with the holographic logo on the front. It is huge! You can actually see your entire face in the mirror! The liquid lipsticks come in the limited edition packaging also. It has a twist and click style cap and a small, precise doe foot applicator. Here are the arm swatches of all 3. Down below, I review each product individually and let you know how they performed. IMG_20170424_003155

1. Skin Frost In Eclipse

I was very surprised with the formula of the skin frost. I was expecting it to be super soft and finely milled. On the finger it feels rough and glittery. I swirled my finger in it too much, and upon swatching it for the first time it was cakey/ gummy and immediately flaked off my arm. The second time I swatched it, I barely swirled my finger in it and the result on the arm was way better. Therefore, less is definitely more with this highlighter. res_1493007787140

The rough texture had me terrified to put it on the face. Normally when a highlighter feels this way it emphasizes the crap out of my skin texture. This highlight ended up looking beautiful on my skin. However, the journey to getting it on my face was a messy one! When I put my brush in it, glitter and fall out went everywhere. It got all over my shirt and the floor. I highly suggest you stick your brush in it over a sink to avoid this issue. It really bummed me out because I love the way it looks on my skin. It is the perfect peachy tone for me, and makes me feel like I have a J-lo glow! I will definitely be using it up because I love the end result on me, but if someone asks me if this highlighter is worth the hype I would have to say no. The formula really isn’t worth it in my opinion. I’m not sure if I just got a bad one or this is the case with his other skin frosts. Let me know in the comments if you have tried his skin frosts before and what you think of them!

2. Velour Liquid Lipstick In “Daddy”


Okay, so the liquid lipsticks I can tell you right now are 100% worth the hype! I have a very hard time with liquid lipsticks because my lips are so dry no matter how much lip balm I put on them or no matter how much exfoliating I do. There are only a select few matte liquid lipsticks that are comfortable enough for me to wear and that don’t make me look like I have cracked flakey lips! These have very quickly become my FAVOURITE formula that I have tried!

The formula is extremely thin and lightweight. They are completely opaque in 2 light coats. Even though it dries down matte, it doesn’t sink in to the fine lines of my lips. For the first time wearing a liquid lipstick, it felt like I was wearing nothing! The best part is the fact that these do not feather or budge on me. They lasted all day, and passed the eating test. They are also transfer proof after drying down. The precise doe foot applicator makes them so easy to apply. I didn’t need to clean up the edges like I normally do.

So now that the formula talk is down, lets talk about the shade “Daddy.” It is a beautiful cool toned brown. I was scared to put it on, because a lot of brown toned liquid lipsticks that I have tried make me look dead and wash me out. This one didn’t though. It actually suited me quite well!

3. Velour Liquid Lipstick In “I’m Shook”


I definitely saved the best for last on this one! This is my favourite product out of the entire bundle! I would say this shade is a burnt coral-red. There isn’t much to say about this one other than the fact that I love it! If you are thinking about getting the bundle when it re-releases this lipstick is definitely something to get excited about. Out of all of the products, I would say this one is hands down the most worth it! Overall, I would say that the liquid lipsticks are worth the hype but the highlighter isn’t. Jeffree definitely knows how to create an amazing liquid lipstick that’s for sure! I will definitely be purchasing his summer collection when it releases!

I hope this review helped some of you! Leave me a comment to say what you think of Jeffree Star Cosmetics down below!

Thank you for reading, Until next time

-xo. Elizabeth








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  1. The Velour Liquid Lipstick In “Daddy” looks great on you! I have not tried Jeffree’s Skin frost only a few of his Velour Liquid Lipsticks. 🙂

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