Testing Out A Different Brush Cleaning Routine

Testing Out A Different Brush Cleaning Routine

Hey beauty fam!

My brushes were in need of a good cleaning last night, so I decided to test out the new brush cleaning products that I picked up from Sephora. I normally just clean my brushes with baby shampoo, but I’m tired of how long it takes to clean them that way! I feel like I’m shampooing forever; and no matter how hard I scrub they just never seem to get fully clean! Therefore, this time I decided to invest some money and see if it was worth it!


I picked up the following 2 brush cleaning products: The Blendercleanser Solid, and The Sephora Dry Clean Brush Cleaner. The Blendercleanser retails for $22CAD ($16USD) and the Sephora Dry Clean retails for $18 CAD ($14 USD). IMG_20170417_141159The Blendercleanser is an acutal brush cleanser, where as the Sephora Dry Clean is literally a dry shampoo for brushes; which is perfect for spot cleaning. The Blendercleanser contains a little pink textured butterfly mat inside to make cleaning easier. Because it is a solid, it is travel friendly! So let’s jump in and see how these performed!







Going from baby shampoo to this; all I can say is WOW! I never thought the stains would ever come out of my beauty sponges! The best part is the fact that it was super quick and easy! All you do is:

  1. Wet the soap
  2. Hold the pink pad in your hand
  3. Soak your sponge or brush in water
  4. Swirl it in the soap until you get a lather
  5. Pat it on the textured pad to remove the makeup. For the brushes I swirled it, but for the sponges I patted them so that the texture didn’t ruin them
  6. Repeat if needed
  7. Rinse the brush/ sponge with water

My sponges and brushes actually look brand new! I would definitely say this is 100% worth the price! It will last a long time too. After washing all of my brushes and sponges, only a little dent was gone out of the soap bar. With how much baby shampoo I go through to clean my brushes, I would say that the price pretty much evens out anyway!

Sephora Dry Clean Instant Dry Brush Cleaner

This is actually just like a dry shampoo for your brushes! It is perfect for spot cleaning, and removes the surface makeup extremely well. To use this all you do is:

  1. Spray the cleaner either right on the brush or on a piece of paper towel
  2. Swirl your brush on the paper towel until clean

I tested it with black eyeshadow on the brush, and in a couple swirls on the paper towel, I was ready to use a different colour. It dries instantly, so you can go in with a different product right after. It definitely does not replace deep cleaning brushes with cleanser though. The smell of this product is a really nice clean, fresh scent. I would say that this is definitely worth the money! It works great, and I love the fact that I no longer need to use 5 different brushes for 1 eye look!

Overall, I’m glad I invested in these products. It has made my brush cleaning game so much easier! In the future, I will be testing out more brush cleaning products to try and find the best products for the best price! Leave me some suggestions in the comment section below!

Until next time, thank you for reading,

-xo. Elizabeth



3 thoughts on “Testing Out A Different Brush Cleaning Routine

  1. Wow! Those make up brush cleansers worked amazingly! I use the Clinique make up brush cleanser and it works really well! It comes in a spray bottle and it’s really easy to use! I haven’t tried it with my beauty blender yet but it works so well on even my foundation brushes.

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