Get To Know Me: 25 Random Facts

Get To Know Me: 25 Random Facts

I thought that this post would be a fun one to start with, as many of you probably know nothing about me other than the fact that i’m passionate about all things beauty. So heres a little sneak peak into my life:


  1. I love coffee
  2. I’m Canadian
  3. I was born in England and immigrated to Canada in 2001; I still have dual citizenship
  4. As a kid, my favourite stocking stuffer that Santa would bring was those kids makeup palettes with heart pans; so the love of makeup started very young
  5. I went through a tomboy phase from grade 5-7 and wore my brother’s clothes
  6. My punk funk stage was grade 8
  7. I love animals, especially my boyfriend’s cat
  8. I am very thankful and blessed to have such an amazing and supportive boyfriend, family and friends ❤
  9. I’m almost a nurse: Just need to conquer the NCLEX RN exam!
  10. I’m a powerlifter with 4 Canadian Junior national records
  11. I have a chronic illness called endometriosis
  12. I suffer from anxiety
  13. I was a cheerleader
  14. I have 2 favourite colours: teal & pink
  15. My favourite movie of all time is Forrest Gump; Rain Man is a close second
  16. Pizza, skittles, and ice cream are my weakness
  17. I’m a hockey fan: Go Leafs Go!
  18. Patriots are my football team
  19. I’m trying to break the awful nail biting habit
  20. Im a Gemini
  21. My worst pet peeve: being blamed for something I didn’t do + nails on a chalkboard/ scratching sounds
  22. Favourite season: Spring
  23. Music: I can jam out to pretty much anything
  24. Elmasmabeauty: Its my first, middle, and last name put together because i couldn’t think of anything else that wasn’t already taken on Instagram: I ended up liking it
  25. Coming up with 25 facts about yourself is super difficult!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. I would love to get to know you: comment with a fact about yourself! ❤

If you would like you can check out my Instagram. It is where I started my beauty blogging adventure! The link is down at the bottom of the pages on this blog.




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